Saying goodbye to The Sims 3

To save up some space on my HDD, I decided to get rid of The Sims 3. I haven't really played it in over 3 years after all...

I'd like to say a few words about the game before I delete it, though.
The open neighbourhood was a great new feature compared to the older games, but I think it had its drawbacks too. My game was only a "beta" game with only 1 neighbourhood (Sunset Valley) and no expansion packs, so this might have been the cause but if I played the same game for too long, all the cool premade families died out (often without a "heir") and got replaced by dumb computer-generated randomized sims who always had "male voice 1" and "female voice 1". Literally everybody sounded the same after playing for a while plus they were super random sims. They often seemed to reproduce by mitosis since single sims had babies more often than couples left alone. I once moved in a single woman for my male sim to meet with and possibly marry and then she had a baby within 24 sim hours after I moved her in the neighbourhood. :| Tbh I didn't really wanna start my sim's married life by having to raise a goddamn clone baby... Also, I once played with a family for quite a long time. When the 4th generation grew up, I continued the game with the younger girl (out of 3 siblings). The rest of the family ended up quitting their jobs, breaking up with their spouses, etc. The kids they had all had the same hairstyles and voices.
In the end I was like "NAH, GIMME BACK THE SIMS 2 where I can control the entire neighbourhood!"

These were the drawbacks. I liked the new personality trait selection thingy where you could pick from a much wider variety of traits than before for your sims. Though some of them really don't do much. The moodlets were fun too. The texture selection was an amazing thing too. You could buy anything in any colour and/or texture, it certainly gave a unique feel to the outfits and household objects. Certain challenges like making Ambrosia were really fun for avid players like me. The toddler life stage was too long in The Sims 3, though. Raising toddlers and having to tend to their needs is a time-consuming task for your sims, 4 days were enough for that in The Sims 2.
The graphics are definitely a lot nicer than in The Sims 2, but you don't get to appreciate your sims' beauty or their unique accessories because you play zoomed out most of the time (at least I did) because of the open neighbourhood.

So yeah, maybe I'm just getting old, but I didn't like this game as much as its predecessors.
Anyway, let me post a few screenshots here of my favourite families:

His first child and it's a girl! It's really hard getting a girl as your first child in The Sims 3 for some reason.

Same family. Daddy playing videogames with daughter and her friend watching.

The siblings I mentioned. I really liked this family while I was controlling them all. Then I chose the younger girl (in red) when she got married.

She was a scientist and knowledge-loving sim. I had her master gardening and fishing and had her make Ambrosia. She also had several children with her family-loving husband. I'd wanted to continue the game by keeping her young, breaking up with her old husband, moving her out and starting her life anew, but I kinda liked her only daughter as well, so I never did it in the end. I started new games instead.

So these were my adventures with The Sims 3. I shall continue Dragon Age once I get a new computer or new graphics card. I may try The Sims 4 as well, but I'm afraid I'm not all that interested in Sims games anymore.


Animu list

Okay so my graphics card died and I'm using this opportunity to do a big PC cleaning and reorganize/delete all the shit I saved and downloaded in the past 9+ years. I'm writing a list here of the anime I currently have on my external HDD. The ones I definitely want to keep are bolded, undecided ones are italic and the ones that must go are in strikethrough.
  1. 07-Ghost
  2. Ao no Exorcist
  3. Bakuman
  4. Claymore
  5. Code Geass
  6. Code Geass R2
  7. Dantalian no Shoka
  8. Deadman Wonderland
  9. Dogs OVA
  10. Durarara
  11. Eden of the East (series + movie sequels)
  12. FMA Brotherhood
  13. Gosick
  14. Hakuouki (trash but looks good and maybe I can use it for art reference)
  15. Kuragehime
  16. Kuroshitsuji (trash but looks good and maybe I can use it for art reference)
  17. Kuroshitsuji 2 (trash but looks good and maybe I can use it for art reference)
  18. Magi
  19. Magi season 2
  20. No.6
  21. Otome Yokai Zakuro
  22. Pandora Hearts
  23. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  24. Rainbow
  25. School Days
  26. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (trash that I still liked for some odd reason)
  27. Shiki
  28. Supernatural
  29. Tales of the Abyss
  30. Tiger and Bunny
  31. Togainu no Chi
  32. Toradora
  33. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni
  34. Usagi Drop
  • Gintama Benizakura movie
  • Black Rock Shooter OVA
  • Spice and Wolf II OVA that I downloaded but couldn't make the file work 
 Oh well, there's actually a lot that I'd like to keep. I guess I'll have to delete the undecided ones then... Some of the bolded ones are bound to change too. All this anime is about 200 GB of disk space, so I could free up a lot of space if I deleted just half of these.


Sometimes I just want to lie down and die

Writing this very personal post here because nobody reads this blog but I need to vent somewhere.



*wipes cobwebs away*

Okay so I haven't written a new blog entry for almost a year. It's because 1) I don't draw much 2) I no longer have time to ramble here 3) it feels like talking to a wall 4) I sort of moved to twitter with my doodles and wips. :B


Where did 2015 go?!

Seriously, 2015 just started and it ended so fast. I didn't post much here this year. I kinda lost interest in this blog because I lost interest in drawing and "fangirling" in general by the end of the year. Still, I'd like to continue drawing in 2016. I haven't sent a message to my commissioners about canceling commissions yet because I'd still like to try in these 4 free days I currently have until Monday.

I didn't draw enough in 2015 because I kinda got back to playing AND watching random dumb games. Getting a smartphone for my birthday didn't help because I got into playing smartphone games too. I even considered buying Final Fantasy III for my phone, but I thought it was too expensive. I also have a full time job now, so I spend my weekdays working, then going to tumblr and/or twitter and playing games for a short while. I usually don't have the inspiration and energy to work on drawings...
Anyway, let's post some things I've been working on:

Wow, it didn't turn grey! 8D Apparently, I only posted this one on twitter. It's a quick scribble I did of waka!Sin before going to sleep, maybe. This one is back from summer, but I haven't updated this blog since then... (I won't be posting the ones I have finished and posted on tumblr or deviantART.)

David and Sinbad. I'm still into Magi. I'm also very excited about the whole Sinbad-David deal, though I have a bad feeling that Magi will end in a disappointing way. I have many ideas with these two, including a dumb parody of a famous painting.

Reigisa scribble I did for a friend's birthday. Unfortunately, I had no motivation and time to finish it on time.

Sinbad again. This is part of a larger concept sketch I probably won't finish.

Random girl I doodled in a few seconds, probably. She's not naked, I was just too lazy to draw her clothes.

Another random girl.

I have no explanation for this, but I kinda like how it turned out.
I just doodled a really rough sketch on "Pocky Day" (11.11.) before going to work, but I didn't decide on the characters at the time and they were basically 2 awkward scribbly potatoes done in 2 minutes or less. Then came the idea to do SinSeren later but Pocky Day was no longer actual, so no pocky for them. Maybe I should post this on tumblr...

Okay, that's it for the end of the year. I hope I can continue drawing and doing commissions in 2016. I'd really like to improve and make more money with commissions. That's my new years' resolution, haha. Happy New Year!!


Worst storm I've ever seen

I don't write about personal things a lot because nothing interesting happens to me. But yesterday we had a terrible storm where I live and I just have to write about it a little.
Putting it under a read more because of reasons.


Not dead yet

Yes, I only come here once in every few months, it seems. Truth to be told, my friendship deteriorated with most of the people who used to follow/view this blog years ago, so I'm not so enthusiastic about updating any longer. Plus I forgot how to draw. :B
And I also got myself a twitter account in March. I've been uploading the few things I'm working on there. However, I think I'll still keep this blog. It's a nice archive for myself. Better than twitter because I can actually find things I posted months or years ago.

This was the first sketch I posted on twitter. I also coloured and posted it on dA, but I still prefer the sketch. I don't like how the coloured version turned out.

Sinbad is my big obsession, I still haven't stopped doing countless little sketches of him. And I wanted to draw an angry Sinbad for once. I find him very attractive when he's angry/serious.

Not sure if I should finish this. It's a random VinceAda thing I did based on a photo. I suck at drawing long hair, uuugh.

I drew this for the 69 minutes challenge on twitter. I'm amazed I managed to draw it in only 69 minutes, though I had the concept and reference ready before I actually started drawing it. (Even just planning a drawing can take long. If I don't have an actual idea, I can spend 20 minutes staring into the void and drawing random lines that make no sense before giving up.)

This was drawn after the last PH chapter came out. Just a warm-up practice thingy of Vincent.

Little Lacie dancing in the blood of her enemies. I originally wanted to draw Jack all beaten up but then I drew Lacie. Her legs may be too short, idk.

My next PH Tarot card, I'm working on this right now. I did the characters separately and randomly inserted them on my template and I was surprised how well they fit. The background is too gaudy at the moment, I'll probably tone down the pinks later. I had a lot of issues with this card because I wanted to come up with some super cool symbolic concept and all but nothing I could do looked good enough, so I had to resort to something simple.

The sparrows are so annoying today, I can't concentrate on drawing because of them. This year we even have woodpeckers, Eurasian jays and doves.
And we also have a cheeky chickadee. We feed them walnuts besides the sunflower seeds. They love walnuts. Yesterday morning I wasn't feeling well (I often have stomachaches lately) and lied down on my bed for a bit. I opened my window because most "unwanted" birds (pigeons, jays, etc.) are afraid of an open window and won't dare to eat the chickadees' food while it's open. However, there weren't any walnuts left in their feeder, just the ones my mother had cut up and put on the table earlier.
So our favourite cheeky chickadee comes. She (I assume it's a female) doesn't find any nut pieces in their basket left, starts searching and jumps on the inner frame of the window. She looks around for a bit, then comes in and flies on the table. She found the freaking nuts my mom put there for me to put in their feeder later. So she walked there, picked up a piece of nut, knocked another piece off in the process, then I think she jumped on my armchair with it and finally flew out the window. SO CUTE.
I watched the whole thing from the back of the room from my bed. It's a shame I didn't have my camera with me, I could have filmed it.
Last summer they came in to the kitchen by accident all the time, but this one bird seems to be way too brave and intelligent. She's also that kind of bird who comes as soon as we open the window. She sits there and waits for us to put food in their basket. Then she starts eating while we are still standing there in the open window close enough to reach her. A few days ago I tried offering her nuts from my hand and even though she was too wary to actually touch my hand, she seemed very tempted and didn't fly away.

I want new music to listen to. I discovered the album The 1975 by The 1975 a couple of months ago and still love it. I used to listen to their songs "Me" and "Fallingforyou" on tumblr a lot and then I finally got their album. My favourites are "Heart Out" and "Robbers".

Okay, I guess I rambled enough for now. Back to drawing VinceAda~